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I'm making a command line tool using Ruby. It will print a lot of text on screen. Currently, I'm using shell pipeline (may_app | more) to do so. But I think it's better to has a default pager.

It's just like what you see when execute git log . One can disable pager by using git --nopager log.

I've done quite much google work and find one gem: hirb , but it seems a little overkill.

After many tries, I'm current using shell wrapper to do so:


# xray.rb is the core script
# doing the main logic and will
# output many rows of text on 
# screen

if [ "--nopager" == "$1" ]; then
    $XRAY $*
    $XRAY $* | more

It works. But is there a better way?

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You are doing it right. But instead using more you'd better get a pager from $PAGER environment variable, if any.

Some people prefer less to more for example, and others have their favorite parser options set in this var.

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Good advice! Thanks, zed. –  qhwa Dec 13 '11 at 12:15

You can use the pipe in Ruby via a call to system and provide the options (along with a nice help interface) like so:

require 'optparse'

pager = ENV['PAGER'] || 'more'

option_parser = OptionParser.new do |opts|
          "[don't] page output using #{pager} (default on)") do |use_pager|
    pager = nil unless use_pager


command = "cat #{ARGV[0]}"
command += " | #{pager}" unless pager.nil?
unless system(command)
  STDERR.puts "Problem running #{command}"
  exit 1

Now, you support --pager and --no-pager on the command line, which is nice to do.

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This is different from what i want. I want to use pager out of system . –  qhwa Dec 14 '11 at 3:44

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