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Am using NamedParameterJdbcTemplate for where Clause elements and one of them seems to be List , JDBCTemplate replaces them ?,?,?...(list size) . But for a IN clause with List it has to be '?','?'.... Is there a way around?

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There a few other similar questions out there which might have helpful answers for you:

How to execute IN() SQL queries with Spring's JDBCTemplate effectivly?

To make this style of query work on my end, I have to switch from plain old JDBCTemplate to NamedParameterJdbcTemplate


Here is some example code:

String query = "select * from table where columnName in (:listOfValues)";
List<String> nameRecordIDs = new ArrayList<String>(); 
// ...
// add values to collection, then
// ...
Map namedParameters = Collections.singletonMap("listOfValues", nameRecordIDs);
namedparameterJdbcTemplate.query(query, namedParameters,new MyMapper());
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