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Basicly I can register one service like this.

                       .AsWcfClient(new DefaultClientModel() { 
                            Endpoint = WcfEndpoint
                                   .BoundTo(new NetNamedPipeBinding())
                                   .At("net.pipe://localhost/MyService") })

But I could not figure out how to register all my services with similar configuration.

the thing I was hoping to run is this...

        .Pick().If(x => x.Name.EndsWith("Service"))
        .Configure(configurer => configurer.Named(configurer.Implementation.Name)
                .AsWcfClient(new DefaultClientModel
                    Endpoint = WcfEndpoint.BoundTo(new NetNamedPipeBinding())
                    .At(string.Format("net.pipe://localhost/{0}", configurer.Named(configurer.Implementation.Name)).Substring(1))

How can I register all services as wcf client?

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Using Windsor 3.0, you just need to use Types instead of AllTypes so that it registers the service interface and generates a client side dynamic proxy for you like so:

            .If(x => x.Name.EndsWith("Service"))
                configurer => configurer.Named(configurer.Implementation.Name)
                                  .AsWcfClient(new DefaultClientModel
                                                       Endpoint = WcfEndpoint
                                                           .BoundTo(new NetNamedPipeBinding())
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