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When you place the mouse pointer over any Qt function/class it shows a pop-up with short description of what it does, taken from the docs in the comment above the function/class.

For my functions/classes I have documentation in the doxygen format:

  Returns foo
QString getFoo() {
  return "foo";

When this function is used, I want to view the same type of pop-up with my docs when the mouse pointer is over the function name.

Is it possible to do that with Qt Creator?

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Unfortunately it's not possible for Qt Creator (as of the recently release 2.4) to pick up the tags on-the-fly. However, what might work is to let doxygen run, and tell it to create qch files. If you register the created qch file, you should get mouse-over and even a proper help file. See for how Ogre3D does it. YMMV if that's worth it for a fast-changing project. It's certainly a good idea for a (semi-)stable library.

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I am sorry to hear that this is not possible. As it already shows the function declaration on mouse-over on-the-fly, it is very close to showing the docs also, which would be awesome. The approach of generating qch files maybe will work, but it is not convenient if you are actively developing a library, which is what I do daily. – Hristo Hristov Dec 13 '11 at 15:26
I agree, but I cannot even find an issue about it in the bug database. You may want to either file a bugreport at, or subscribe to the qt-creator mailing list to help implement that feature. – danimo Dec 13 '11 at 15:50

Qt Creator requires the generated docs to have some special markers in order to retrieve the tooltip text. I couldn't find a way to insert these markers with Doxygen so I've created a simple script to do it:

It's not bulletproof but it allows us to integrate our classes and methods briefs into Qt Creator tooltips.

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