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I don't want to Dump the entire table but only certain records in a table in my dump file and later restore the same.
P.S.: I want to do the same for more than 1 table in my database but dump it in a single file.
Is this possible? If yes then how do i go about it?

Thank in advance.

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The COPY command?

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I have edited my question. –  Shirish11 Dec 13 '11 at 13:13

Should be possible using Jailer.

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thanks @ZigArt, interesting tool. –  filiprem Dec 13 '11 at 17:18
@ZigArt but I am not using java. –  Shirish11 Dec 14 '11 at 5:33

create temp_tables from sqlquery

sqlquery can be formed as projection like 'select columns from table'

then use pg_dump to dump all temporary tables using --table option. pgadmin can help dumping tables in a single file here.

Restore all temp tables from pgadmin and run INSERT query on main table.

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can you dump a temp table? –  Shirish11 Dec 14 '11 at 5:37
Yes. pg_dump --host hostname --port portno --username "username" --format custom --verbose --file "filename" --table "schema.temp_table" "dbname" –  smitrp Dec 14 '11 at 8:40
have u tried it? because I error saying No matching Table were found –  Shirish11 Dec 14 '11 at 9:28
Check if tablename is given as schemaname.tablename in pg_dump args –  smitrp Dec 14 '11 at 18:33
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As @Pondlife mentioned in his answer had to use COPY command but did not solve my Problem of getting all the dump data into a single file.
So from the idea given by Craig Ringer made individual files for each table and got all the files compressed into a single archive file.
For restore uncompressed the archive to generate individual files later used them to restore the Tables.

Had to answer my own question so it might help somebody.

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