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How can i embed the the barcode scanner into my application such that when i start the application, the barcode scanner screen is actually a part of another activity.. the barcode scanner screen itself should be one of the screens.. on top i should be able to have a textview controlled from my custom activity and at the bottom the barcode scanner which is from the zxing library... One way i know is using fragments.. but then i want to support all platforms starting 2.2 and that wont be possible in this case.. Please help anyone, if anyone has the answers...

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To do that, your Activity needs to extend ActivityGroup. I think my response in this question contains the details:

Tabs using Fragments on Android, but inside another Layout

A big problem with this is that Google is planning to deprecate the ActivityGroup class. I understand why they have created Fragments, and they are important. But I still think ActivityGroup is needed for cases like yours.

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