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I have a LINQ query where I want to select and read the p.Api value.

 var api = DataAccessNew.Instance.dcServers.Where(p => p.Ip == IpAddress).Select(p => p.Api);

How do I read the p.Api value?

I have tried api.ToString() but I get SQL instead of actual column value.

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You are getting an IEnumerable<> back (and your ToString call is showing you the value of that expression).

If you are expecting a single value, do this:

var api = DataAccessNew.Instance.dcServers
    .Where(p => p.Ip == IpAddress)
    .Select(p => p.Api)

You might be interested to read about the other methods like Single(): SingleOrDefault, First, FirstOrDefault. Which one you used depends on whether you are expecting a single or multiple values returned (Single vs. First) and what you want to happen if there are no values (the *Default methods will return the type default instead of throwing an exception).

Or if you want to look at all the returned values:

var api = DataAccessNew.Instance.dcServers
    .Where(p => p.Ip == IpAddress)
    .Select(p => p.Api);

foreach (var apiValue in api)
    // apiValue  will have the value you're looking for.
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if p.Ip is a unique key in your table you could try to add .FirstOrDefault() after your Linq query.

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Try this snippet of code:

string apiValue = api.FirstOrDefault().ToString();
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your syntex seems ok..

By the way try this

string api =DataAccessNew.Instance.dcServers.Where(p => p.Ip == IpAddress).Select(p => p.Api).FirstOrDefault();
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