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Could it be that the 'completed' event handler won't be called due to resource freeing by the GC?

public void StartVideo(WerCamera camera)
        Credential creadential = new Credential() { Email = CurrentUser.Email, Password = CurrentUser.Password, SessionNumber = SessionNumber};
        CommandsClient client = new CommandsClient();
        client.StartVideoCompleted += client_StartVideoCompleted;
        client.StartVideoAsync(int.Parse(camera.Id), creadential, ClientInfo);

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Yes, that is possible since you are losing all references to client once the function returns.

client.StartVideoCompleted += client_StartVideoCompleted; ends up holding a reference to the object with the client_StartVideoCompleted function but that is not reciprocated. You'll need to keep a reference to the created client somehow.

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Thanks,So what is the best practice for calling WCF services (CommandsClient) and registering to their events? Thanks, janiv. –  janiv Dec 14 '11 at 6:29
I don't really use wcf much but given the snippet of code you have posted I would probably have a List<CommandsClient> field in that class. Add each new command to the list before exiting that function and then remove the command from the list in client_StartVideoCompleted. You may need to lock access to the list if the event is being called in a different thread to the creatin - just something to be aware of. –  Russell Troywest Dec 14 '11 at 8:13

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