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I'm new to multi-core configuration. What configuration should be done for efficient use of play-1.2.3 multi-core implementation in play! framework.

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The play team recommends to set the thread pool to nb proc + 1 for prod. I have 2 proc so my config will be:

# Execution pool
# ~~~~~
# Default to 1 thread in DEV mode or (nb processors + 1) threads in PROD mode.
# Try to keep a low as possible. 1 thread will serialize all requests (very useful for debugging purpose)

I think one of the most important point is to keep your controllers very fast otherwise they will block your http threads. So if you have heavy duty operations use play asynchronous capabilities and make use of the cache.

Remember that play is stateless too which limits the concurrency issues.

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Is this setting something only supported if we use play server? Or will this work even if we deploy play app as a war to tomcat? –  bobbypavan Jun 28 '12 at 15:48
Since the application will not use the internal netty web server and serve the requests itself, I don't think this would make a difference when deployed as a war. –  emt14 Jul 1 '12 at 7:35

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