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Note: this was inspired by WebBrowser Event Properties?

Why am I able to access the MulticastDelegate members of an event within the type that declares the event but not outside of it?

For instance:

using System;

class Bar
    public static event Action evt;

class Program
    static event Action foo;
    static Bar bar;

    static void Main()
    	// this works
    	Delegate[] first = foo.GetInvocationList();

    	// This does not compile and generates the following
    	// error:
    	// The event 'Bar.evt' can only appear on the 
    	// left hand side of += or -= (except when used 
    	// from within the type 'Bar')
    	Delegate[] second = bar.evt.GetInvocationList();

I get the feeling this is something very simple that I am not seeing.

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An event doesn't expose the field and its value - it just exposes a subscription method and an unsubscription method, in a similar way to how properties just expose a getter and a setter.

From outside the class, all you can do with an event is subscribe to it or unsubscribe from it. That's its purpose - for encapsulation.

See my event article for more information.

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+1 That makes sense - thanks! –  Andrew Hare May 11 '09 at 16:57

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