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I want to change my mouse pointer to an custom cursor in my application.

So when my application starts, i want the custom cursor, and when it stops i want it gone.

How to do this in c# behind the code in wpf?

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Duplicate to –  Eugene Dec 13 '11 at 13:42

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You can not have the cursor changed for the whole operating system environment, only the WPF window.

Follow this post on how to set a custom cursor

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You Can implement it this way. Simple steps. Just have to give the .cur image path and bind it with Cursor.

       <Cursor x:Key="OpenHandCursor">C:\Users\Images\InvalidS.cur\ </Cursor>

<StackPanel oriential="Horizontal" Cursor="{StaticResource OpenHandCursor}"> ............................... </StackPanel>

Thank You

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Please be more detailed. –  GiamPy Sep 14 at 12:08

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