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i have a problem (screenshot attached)! (sorry for the extern image, because of too less reputations) http://www.myimg.de/?img=richfacesproblems5251b.png

The div with the blue border is over the richfaces minicalendar.

The richfaces mini-calendar got an z-index of 3. The div got an z-index of 1. The only way, to get the div behind the mini-calendar is to set the div z-index to -1 But then i'm not able to click into the inputfield anymore.

Anyone know this problem? (Have looked for this, but haven't found this problem on the net again)

The div-layer has position:relative the calendar got the absolute position. Even if give the calendar the z-index: 99999 !important; it is not working!

Hope one of you got a hint for me...



P.s. JSF 1.2-b19 und Richfaces 3.3.3.final Problem is on Internet Explorer 7

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The image is gone –  cheffe 4 hours ago

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