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How can I tell if compiled java classes have debug metadata included?


It would be nice only if I could see if debug metadata is lines, vars or source or combination of some of them.

Found nice tool for viewing .class files (http://www.codexterity.com/classexp.htm) but that's where I am stuck not sure where to look. Thank you.

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Essentially, there is bytecode in the class file that have debug information.

If you run javap -v on the class file, you will see the debug information that is available. It is worth compiling a simple test class with different -g option settings and looking at the results with javap.

See Check if Java bytecode contains debug symbols for more.

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Normally only line numbers are included but you can use '-g' option this option generates all debugging information, including local variables.

Read about Debug information in Java .class files

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My question is more about reverse-process, how can I from .class file know if it was compiled with -g or maybe -g:none (no debug info) option? Thanks for the link. –  Haris Krajina Dec 13 '11 at 15:06
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