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I'm a bit clueless with javascript, so would appreciate pointers with what's (not) happening here.

The following snippet is supposed to populate the data variable with the response (JSON) from a PHP backend. The response variable indeed contains the data (I confirmed with Firebug and a breakpoint):

[Object { identifier=0, value="clothing made in the us"}, Object { identifier=1, value="club penguin trading cards"}, Object { identifier=2, value="cobra quad bikes"}, 22 more...]

However, by the time the return data; line is reached, data contains nothing.

var data = [];
new response.each(function(identifier, item){
    this.include({value: identifier, text: item.text});
}, data);
return data;

I'm having difficulty mapping my knowledge of (eg) Perl's foreach loop with what's happening here. I'd appreciate any pointers.


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Even better, how can I rewrite that .each() loop to be more readable? –  G Kent Dec 14 '11 at 10:22

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var data = [];
response.each(function(obj) {
         this.include({identifier: obj.id, value: obj.descr});
}, data);
return data;

I'll eventually get this JS.

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