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I have a form in contact.php with a considerable amount of inputs.

this form will be mailed using the php mail() function providing the captcha is correct and the input values follow the regex.

the action for the form is "mailer.php" and the method is post

on the mailer.php, validation is checked and captcha verification etc. But if the user enters the wrong captcha, they are redirected back to the form.

Where ALL the data they just entered is CLEARED!

I used to redirect with a query string and the$_GET array.

But I cant do that for this form as there is a lot of data including many textareas etc.

So how can I send this data back to the form on error?

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possible duplicate of Form values should not clear – Your Common Sense Dec 13 '11 at 14:19
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You could store the user input information as $_SESSION variables. Dont forget to include session_start(); to initiate the session.

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You should design the flow like :-

  1. form (accepting a set of default values)
  2. when user submit the form to mailer.php
    • necessary checking
    • if success, proceed to mail
      • complete then redirect to whatever place
    • if fail
      • require the form again
      • pass the $_POST as the default values

Basically, don't do redirect when fail (only upon success)

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