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Is there a way to select range of lines in Notepad++? I would like to write two numbers - from and to, say: from 10000 to 25000.

I've got this large MySQL dump file and I can select it only by using some function.

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Easiest way:

  1. Ctrl + G, go to line 10.000.

    • Menu > Edit > Begin/End select.

  2. Ctrl + G, go to line 25.000.

    • Menu > Edit > Begin/End select.

You now have your range selected.

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I was trying to figure the same thing out for EVER! I finally figured it out. Closest answer I could get was CTRLg then SHIFTPgUp.

But if you want to select more and not the whole page do go to the last line your wanting and press CTRLSHIFTHome. that will select from where you are to top of your text. same goes for CTRLSHIFTPgDn will select from what line you are at to the last line.

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I don't know Notepad++, but as a quick solution, you can use

perl -ne 'print if $. >= 10_000 && $. <= 25_000' < file.sql > some-lines.sql

(the _ in numbers in Perl are just for legibility, and can be omitted. It's like writing 10,000 in the US or 10.000 in Germany, but without the cultural confusion.)

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