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I would like to display on a webpage a heatmap (matrix) that I generate in R. The matrix I have looks like this, but in my case the size is 300x300.


Basically I am looking for an interactive clustering, which would look like this :



I would like to be able to clic on a branch which would then highlight the selected group/text, and fade out the rest of the matrix.

I have had a look around and cannot find much. I don't even know what language I should use for this ? JSON, Flash, HTML5, javascript, google charts ?

Any comments and advices would be extremely appreciated here.


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have you find a solution for this problem. I am also interested to do interactive heatmaps. –  user1471980 Aug 2 '13 at 16:36
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Unfortunately, I had the same requirement. To create a Clustergram (Heatmap + Dendrogram) for a hierarchical clustering results.

There is no direct solution for this. I used ProtovisGWT (Choosel) to create dendrogram and heatmap seperatley and later combnied them.

If you just want js library you can use just protovis or d3.js to achieve this.

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Google Visualization provides this heatmap option: http://informatics.systemsbiology.net/visualizations/heatmap/bioheatmap.html

There's also this project that adapted it for more advanced uses and actually includes mouse-overs and tool-tips, as well as line magnification: http://code.google.com/p/visquick/

You may also want to take a look at jQuery Flot, but be warned that WSJ uses a super expensive company called Tableau for data visualization and you are unlikely to find that level of visualization eye candy in an open source or free to use package.

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Hi, well the vis.systemsbiology.net/visquick/examples/omics_heatmap seems to get close to what I want to do I guess. –  Benoit B. Jan 10 '12 at 14:51
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I would recommend using JavaScript for this task. Save your heatmap as SVG in R


And then embed it into an HTML document as object

    <object id="test-svg" width="800" height="600" 
type="image/svg+xml" data="test.svg"></object>

Now, you can use JavaScript or ECMAScript to do all kinds of manipulations. I recommend to read one of the various online tutorials on this topic. E.g., you could get started with this one: http://www.petercollingridge.co.uk/data-visualisation/using-javascript-control-svg

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Treemap of D3.js solves this beautifully. See here


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I think that InCHlib - Interactive Cluster Heatmap library could be the solution.

Available from http://openscreen.cz/software/inchlib.

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