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I've prepared simple deployment script that deploy my EJB Application to WebLogic 10.3 server. application packed as ear file.

 connect(username, password, "t3://" + wlHost + ":" + wlPort)

After succsesfull deploy message I see on Deployment Web page "Warning" Notification in health column.When I try to investigate the problem My Enterprize Application -> Modules -> Myjar file ->Monitoring

I can see that jms/MyAppResponseQueue staus is disconnected (status -> initialization)

Please advice how to solve the problem When I try to deploy my ear via WebLogic screens - everything is OK.No warnings -> application is in Active mode


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I'll answer my question because I don't like to keep unanswered questions. The problem was in deployment target . I targeted ADMIN but need to target one of the cluster memebers that have jms/MyAppResponseQueue resource.

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