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I have some viewModels similar to these:

public class ResturantViewModel
   public ResturantViewModel()
       Clients.Add(new ClientViewModel());
   public string MyProperty {get;set;}
   public IList<ClientViewModel> Clients = new List<ClientViewModel>();

public class ClientViewModel
   public string FirstName {get;set;}
   public string LastName {get;set;}

In my View I have something like:

@foreach(var client in Model.Clients)
      <td>First Name: @Html.EditorFor(item => client.FirstName)</td>
      <td>Last  Name: @Html.EditorFor(item => client.LastName)</td>

I'd like to have a button which can add some new blank ClientViewModels to the ResturantViewModel.Clients list so that it could be rendered in the View and posted to the Resturant/Create action.

Thanks in advance

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Put your foreach in a form and bind the forms action to an action of your controller. –  Maess Dec 13 '11 at 15:24

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You may take a look at the following blog post. It uses the WebForms view engine but it could be very easily adapted to Razor.

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You need to implement a list of objects inside your view

  <input type="text" name='Clients[@index].FirstName' value='@c.FirstName' />
  <input type="text" name='Clients[@index].LastName'  value='@c.LastName' /> 


after that you have to clone these fields with next index value, so you have to got inputs like these:

 <input type="text" name='Clients[0].FirstName' value='@c.FirstName' />
 <input type="text" name='Clients[0].LastName'  value='@c.LastName' /> 

 <input type="text" name='Clients[1].FirstName' value='@c.FirstName' />
 <input type="text" name='Clients[1].LastName'  value='@c.LastName' /> 
 <input type="text" name='Clients[2].FirstName' value='@c.FirstName' />
 <input type="text" name='Clients[2].LastName'  value='@c.LastName' /> 

In controller you will accept a list of these objects:

List<Client> Clients
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Ok thank to you all here is what I've done to resolve.

first I created a new partial View _ClientRow.cshtml:

@using Extensions.CollectionItemsHtmlExtension
@using ClientViewModel
@model ClientViewModel
<div class = "clientEditRow">
      @First Name: @Html.TextBoxFor(c=>c.FirstName)
      @Last Name: @Html.TextBoxFor(c=>c.LastName)

This partial view renders a new line for a client. BeginCollectionItem is an Html Extension downloaded following the blog post Darin mentioned.

Then in my view I set:

    <div id="clientEditorRows">
        @foreach(var client in Model.Clients)
           Html.RenderPartial("_ClientRow", client);
    @Html.ActionLink("New Client", "NewClientRow", null, new {id = "addItem"})
<script type="text/javascript" scr="../Scripts/listEditor.js"></script>

the foreach loops through all the clients and renders the partial view for every client. Then in my Controller I wrote this method:

public PartialViewResult NewClientRow()
   return PartialView("_ClientRow", new ClientViewModel())

This method is called by the ActionLink and returns the html for a new line appending it to the previous lines. Eventually I added this javascript file code from the blog post and modified it to my case:


$("#addItem").click(function () {
        url: this.href,
        cache: false,
        success: function (html) { $("#clientEditorRows").append(html); }
    return false;

This js code appends the html for the new line to the page. Hope this can help, thank you all again.


P.S.: the HttpPost method receiving the values hasn't been modified and has this signature

public ActionResult Create(ResturantViewModel resturantVM)

to note that resturantVM.Clients receives all the values, no need to add a IList Clients parameter

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