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I have been working an application using PHP & MySql on Codeigniter framework. It is finished and I am testing it before getting online. I expect about a hundred users within the next few months. I expect increasing number of users for the application who will be using it on daily basis. My issue is high availability, fast service and database size.

Could someone please provide a link where I can get answers to questions such as:

After how many users will the application get heavy? Should I buy a normal web hosting plan or a dedicated server? What should be the configuration of the server and the connection? Will cloud hosting be better anyway? How about increasing size of my database?

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you can start with a shared/cloud hosting in the initial stage untill you face high traffic. Then depends on the traffic stats you can decide whether you can go with a vps or a dedicated server. I think the upgradation to a vps or a dedicated server will not affect your website downtime.

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I think you are right and I should start with shared/cloud and see what happens with time. –  Raouf Athar Jan 11 '12 at 18:22

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