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I want to learn javascript but first it would be nice to know the best tools out there. Like what's the best frame work, debugger, method for debugging?

thanks in advance.

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personally i use

jQuery as my framework

and FireBug (a firefox extension) to debug my javascript and dom

also firebug comes with a console so you can output to the console instead of alerting


very useful :) also firebug lets you use breakpoints too

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If you get Firefox 3 and then get the Firebug extension, that would be the best start, though, IE8's web developer plugin that it comes with is pretty good also.

Once you have that you can put in breakpoints and better troubleshoot javascript problems.

IF you are learning javascript then I would suggest not using a framework, but learn how to do what you want without any framework, then, should you pick one you will be better able to judge them.

Though, if you have to use one, then jQuery may be the best framework for you to start with.

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Best debugger is Firebug, a plugin for Firefox. I don't know what I would do without it.

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Best framework JQuery.

Best debugger Fire Bug

Best Editor, well this is going to be personal preference but I use Visual Studios.

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Like what's the best frame work, debugger, method for debugging?

  • framework: jQuery
  • debugger: Firebug (firefox plugin)
  • method of debugging: Firebug again. Step through or console.log.
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