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I am working on an API which supplies some ActiveX COM Object and I read these warning below:

"You must use the factory “create” methods to create the COM objects in this section. Once a COM object has been created by a factory method, the COM object is tied to a corresponding TWS COM object (an instance of the COM object). Do not try to pass a COM object to another instance of a TWS COM object."

These words come from a part of VB example on this ActiveX API. Now I am using c#, what should I do to follow this rule?

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Could you post the piece of code that is likely to make the warning be raised ? –  Seb Dec 13 '11 at 15:39

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Not knowing what any of these data types are or what you are naming these types, let's go with a data type called ActiveXType that is defined in ApiComObject.

class TwsCom {

  private ApiComObject apiComObject;

  public TwsCom() {
    apiComObject = new ApiComObject(); // create an instance, if required
  // you might want to keep this variable type private to avoid breaking
  // the rules
  private ActiveXType NewActiveXType() {
    return apiComObject.Create();

  public object SomeMethod() {
    ActiveXType activeX = NewActiveXType();
    return activeX.SomeMethod();


This code is all very vague, but that's about the best I can do unless you'd like to provide more details.

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