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What is wrong with this code, because im getting all the results returning to the view, which takes me too much to load. I want it to return only 5 per page.



    def channel2 = Channel2.list(params)
    //def prog = Programmation.list()
    def prog
    def progs = [:]
    def temp

       Programmation p = Programmation.withCriteria {
          eq('prog_channel', it)
          'between'('prog_start', new Date(), new Date() +1)    
        progs.put(, p)

    [channel: channel2, program: progs]



<g:render id="" template="/layouts/canais"/>

<g:paginate next="Forward" prev="Back"
        maxsteps="0" max="3" controller="teste"
        total="${tv_megazineplus.Channel2.count()}" />

I cann't figure it out. I followed Grails helpPage, it should be working.

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any help on this? still not workikng – recoInrelax Dec 13 '11 at 16:53
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Solution: The first time the that action is called, it loads all channels because the params.max is set to null. To fix that, just use:

def offset

            offset = 0

        def channel2 = Channel2.list(max:5, offset: offset)
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