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I have been looking for some simple examples of how to best use Castle Windsor 3 and AOP but via attributes not by adding the interceptors in each components definition.

So is there a simple way to get a method with an attribute like so:

public class SomeClass
   public virtual void DoSomething() {...}

To call through to an interceptor like so:

public class SomeInterceptor : IInterceptor
   //... add the logger and write out method start, exception, finished info

Without having to specify the interceptor against the actual SomeClass configuration, like so:


In most other DI frameworks I have used, you can setup AOP via rules for the methods being called or by targeting attributes. So hopefully that gives you some indication of what I am after.

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You want to add a ComponentModel construction contributor that will inspect components as they get registered and add the interceptor to those that require it.

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