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I'm working with VS 2010 CUIT projects and have run into some issues that I'm having a hard time understanding. Namely 2 things are causing me troubles:

  1. In the Debug Trace I get messages of the type: "PERF WARNING: FindAllDescendents took XXXX ms. Expected it to take maximum 500 ms". I understand what the warning means, but I can't always (easily) determine which query is causing the issue. Is there a way to add more information to the debug trace that would include the information I'm looking for?

  2. I also see messages like this one: "PERF WARNING: CacheQueryId: took XXX ms. Expected it to take maximum 100 ms." I can't figure out what the warning really means or if there's anything that can be done to "fix" it.


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After a lot of searching I found across this post that explains how to increase the level of details in debug trace. I added the following registry keys:




and can now see the information about which control exactly is taking a long time to find. Just a warning though - there's a lot of information in the trace now so it's much harder to sift through it.

Still looking for an answer to my section question, or in general a list of warnings in the debug trace and what they mean.

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