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I'm trying to build a FB app which has a function of publishing post with picture to news feed.

I am able to do that via FB's graph api according to FB's developer document,


with the parameters such as message, picture, link, name, caption. These are parameters listed in FB's doc. I assumed that these parameters are only for the POST requests.

For posts in FB, we can find more parameters. I assumed they are only for the GET requests.

However, when I tested all these parameters, I found that I am able to add actions to my POST requests and get customized actions. When I try to add message_tags, from, to, these parameters don't work in POST requests.

So, I get confused. Is my assumption correct? Or I did something wrong.

BTW, when I send requests with these parameters, no error message returns. Posts are published to news feed, but no message_tags, from, to.

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If you look in the Documentation of the Object you are creating the Post for (the PROFILE_ID), you will get more explicit information about GET and POST API limitations. Here is documentation for Posts to a User:


It says when creating a Post (using the POST method) you can define these properties:

  • message
  • link
  • picture
  • name
  • caption
  • description
  • actions
  • privacy
  • object_attachment
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Thanks for the answer. I didn't know the description of creating a post is in the "User" category. – Xiaomo Liu Dec 13 '11 at 18:18
BTW, for actions it seems FB onlys support one action right now. I tried array of "name"s and "link"s. It doesn't work for me. – Xiaomo Liu Dec 13 '11 at 18:21
@XiaomoLiu for some reason, I can't even get one action to work :( – Rambatino Nov 17 '14 at 16:54

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