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I'm currently running Plesk, which is rather expensive, just for name server and dns server. I've read a lot abount BIND and tried to play with it. I've also tried out ProBIND as a GUI for BIND, but again, this failed.

Are there any GUI for BIND or similar for newbies like me, who just want to have a simple, small name server running with the ability to add/remove/edit domains and their DNS setup?

Any good tutorial will do.

i'm running Ubuntu (but could change Linux OS).

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Here: tinyurl.com/brpjygd –  jman Dec 13 '11 at 16:41
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There's GADMIN-BIND packaged for ubuntu. Never used it though.

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Do you have to run your own DNS server? Is there a reason you can't hand this off to an outside organization such as DNSimple?

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