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I'm trying to get data from either the 'curr' or 'next' object available in jquery cycle's onBefore function so I can pass it to a PHP script with ajax to populate opts.addSlide();

Ideally i'd like to be use the data() attribute but i'm struggling even to use .attr()

In the documentation, this works:

var currentImageNum = parseInt(next.src.match(/beach(\d)/)[1]);

and i've seen this working

var tag = next.tagName.toLowerCase();

so why can't I use this or something similar

var mydata = next.attr('id');

to get the ID of the slide

the error I get is Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'attr'

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Thanks both of you, it was a beginner's mistake! :) –  Ashley Dec 13 '11 at 21:52

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Since next is a DOM element you should first convert it into jQuery object and then you can call jQuery apis on it. Try this


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next is probably a DOMElement. Wrap it in jquery:

$(next).attr('id') or just do next.id

.src is a property of elements like img and tagName is a property of all DOM elements, so I assume next is an img.

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