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I am using JSON::RPC (1.1) http://search.cpan.org/~dmaki/JSON-RPC-1.01/lib/JSON/RPC/Legacy.pm and when I get the message to process my data is out of order. Is this something I am doing wrong or do I need to code around this?

Sending Code:

my $hostname = 'myhost.local';
my $repo = 'MyRepo';
my $file = 'myscript.pl';
my $sha1 = '2e516ca65e91eabf8c087be44602e43df19b67da';
my $obj = {
            method => 'pushStatus',
            params =>[$hostname, $repo, $file, $sha1],
    my $res = $client->call( $uri, $obj );

            if ($res->is_error) {
                    alert("Error : " . $res->error_message);
            else {
                    # return $res->result;

Server side code:

sub pushStatus : Public(client:string, repo:string, file:string, sha1:string) {
  my ($s, $obj) = @_;
  my $clientnode = $obj->{'client'};
  my $repo = $obj->{'repo'};
  my $file = $obj->{'file'};
  my $sha1 = $obj->{'sha1'};
  print "Client Node: $clientnode\n  Repo: $repo\n File: $file\n  SHA1: $sha1\n";


2011-12-13_16:52:31.80362 Client Node : myhost.local checkin
2011-12-13_16:52:31.80363   Repo: myscript.pl
2011-12-13_16:52:31.80364   File: 2e516ca65e91eabf8c087be44602e43df19b67da
2011-12-13_16:52:31.80364   SHA1: MyRepo
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Are you sure $hostname, $repo, $file and $sha1 are what you think they are when you pass them in? Print them out to be sure. –  Schwern Dec 13 '11 at 21:33
I had set these manually above, because I thought the same thing. I added the lines from above. –  Joe Coder Jan 3 '12 at 18:54
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