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I have a text that represents some page. I need to convert this text to dom object, extract body element and append it to my dom.

I have used following code to convert text and extract body element:

$('body', $(text)).length



In both cases it returns 0...

To test:

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Could you put your text into a jsfiddle? Your first approach looks valid. – StuperUser Dec 13 '11 at 17:15
The second approach looks like it would be valid if you use find instead of filter. – kojiro Dec 13 '11 at 17:17
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jQuery is parsing whole HTML in a non-standard way, so $(html) doesn't work as expected.

You can extract the content of the body tag using regexp and work from there:

// get the content of the body tags
var body = $(text.match(/<body[\s\S]*?>([\s\S]*?)<\/body>/i)[1]);

// append the content to our DOM

// bonus - to be able to fully use find -> we need to add single parent
var findBody = $("<body />").html(body.clone());

// now we are able to use selectors and have fun

HERE is the working code.

EDIT: Changed the code to show both direct append and also using selectors.

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+1 I'd add that it'll be better to try to get the string without the DTD/<html> tag/<head> tag, just the <body> tag to avoid having to pre-process the string before passing it to jQuery. Parsing HTML with regex? Meme ahoy! – StuperUser Dec 13 '11 at 17:39

Something like this:

var ifr = $("<iframe>"),
    doc = ifr.appendTo("body")[0].contentWindow.document,

bodyLength = ifr.contents().find("body").length;



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