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I am a novice in access and VBA. I have a function that I use to calculate the median. The current function acts as a Domain function and uses all data to calculate the median rather than the dataset that makes up the rest of the query/report. I would like to know how to modify this code or a better approach to find the median of dataset used to create the report.

Option Compare Database 
Option Explicit 

Function DMedian(tName As String, fldName As String) As Single 
  Dim MedianDB As DAO.Database 
  Dim ssMedian As DAO.Recordset 
  Dim RCount As Integer, i As Integer, x As Double, y As Double, _ 
      OffSet As Integer 
  Set MedianDB = CurrentDb() 
  Set ssMedian = MedianDB.OpenRecordset("SELECT [" & fldName & _ 
            "] FROM [" & tName & "] WHERE [" & fldName & _ 
            "] IS NOT NULL ORDER BY [" & fldName & "];") 
  'NOTE: To include nulls when calculating the median value, omit 
  'WHERE [" & fldName & "] IS NOT NULL from the example. 
  RCount% = ssMedian.RecordCount 
  x = RCount Mod 2 
  If x <> 0 Then 
     OffSet = ((RCount + 1) / 2) - 2 
     For i% = 0 To OffSet 
    Next i 
    DMedian = ssMedian(fldName) 
     OffSet = (RCount / 2) - 2 
     For i = 0 To OffSet 
     Next i 
     x = ssMedian(fldName) 
     y = ssMedian(fldName) 
     DMedian = (x + y) / 2 
  End If 
  If Not ssMedian Is Nothing Then 
     Set ssMedian = Nothing 
  End If 
  Set MedianDB = Nothing 
End Function 
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If you are referring to calculating the median against a custom report that you have created, then simply save your query and pass the query name in to 'tname' instead of a table name.

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Interesting answer, Matt. I never though about it from that angle. I tried to use the query that the report is based off of. Dmedian("qrySearch","SoldPrice") The report itself is based on the same query. I get an error on this part of the code: Set ssMedian = MedianDB.OpenRecordset("SELECT [" & fldName & _ "] FROM [" & tName & "] WHERE [" & fldName & _ "] IS NOT NULL ORDER BY [" & fldName & "];") – user1096276 Dec 15 '11 at 19:57
What is the error message you are receiving? I notice that the query is called "qrysearch", it's not a parameter query is it? – Matt Donnan Dec 16 '11 at 9:07
I'm thinking it is a parameter query. The criteria field finds the value of a textbox in a form using LIKE. The error is too few parameters. – user1096276 Dec 16 '11 at 16:18
Yep, that's what the problem is then, if you want to run the median function against it, you will have to dynamically populate a query with the parameter already saved so that it doesn't attempt to ask for it when you run this function. – Matt Donnan Dec 16 '11 at 16:48
Thank you, Matt. I'm not exactly sure how to dynamically populate the query with the parameter already saved. My situation is this: I have a form "Search" that collects values from textboxes and runs them in the query "qrySearch" The query is the controlSource for my report "Breakdown". I hope this sheds light on my situation. Thanks again!!! – user1096276 Dec 16 '11 at 18:47

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