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I am trying to make an app for ipad/iphone with a lot of animations. There is anyway to make an app in objective-c with animations in other languages and interligate them??? because i have a lot of skills in languages like after effects/illustrator/flash/etc, for that, will be better to me to make the animations in that technologies..


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If you can export your animations into an HTML5 format, you can certainly display them in a UIWebView. There are a few Flash-to-HTML5 projects available out there now, and new apps like Hype and Purple that can be used to create HTML5 animations "from scratch."

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The most simple way to do this is to create the videos in whatever tools and then export to a series of PNG images or use ffmpeg to convert flash or whatever to a series of images. Then display these PNG images one at a time (and don't load them all or you will use up all app memory). If you can deal with a more lossy format, then h.264 can save a lot of space at the cost of a significantly reduced 4:2:0 YUV type colorspace. If you need lossless video or require an alpha channel, or you want to save a lot of space as compared to the PNG method then you should take a look at AVAnimator. Note that you should not integrate any ffmpeg related code into your iOS due to license issues having to do with static linking of LGPL code.

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