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I have table article:

arrtno     descr         unit   sales
  1        beer            1     10
  2        coke            1     12
  3        beer ct        12      5
  4        coke ct        12      7

and a table mutations

artno   mutation
  1         3  
  2         4

I need to query sales for beer so it would be 1*10 + 12*5. So how to get mutation par from other table and add it to basic item.

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can you give an example of your output? I am not understanding the last line at all. . . are you looking for a join on the two tables and then do mutations.mutation + article.sale??? –  Harrison Dec 13 '11 at 18:09
Do you need recursion for the mutations to be done? i.e. when your mutations table also contains tuple (3,1337) do you need article record with artno 1337 also be considered as child for artno 1 and therefore be added, too? (since there is mutation chain 1->3->1337) When yes, then we need your Oracle version and pray you've 10g or higher. –  Fabian Barney Dec 13 '11 at 18:19

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try this

SELECT SUM(unit * sales) FROM article WHERE arrtno IN (    
    SELECT mutation from mutations WHERE artno IN (
        SELECT arrtno FROM article WHERE descr = 'beer'
    SELECT arrtno FROM article WHERE descr = 'beer'
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Actually, I have many items, not just beer so i would need something like: SELECT artno, ( sales*unit + sales of mutation pair(s) * unit of mutation pair(s) ) FROM article –  user1096308 Dec 13 '11 at 18:24

try this

SELECT b1.unit * b1.sales + b2.unit*b2.sales
 FROM beer b1, beer b2, mutation
 WHERE b1.artno = mutation.artno
 AND b2.artno = mutation.mutation
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