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I have a BlogStore class which contains two observablecollections like so

public class BlogStore {
    public ObservableCollection<Blog> blogs ...

    public ObservableCollection<Blog> favourites ...

public BlogStore blogStore ...

no I want to reuse a control which does the following binding

ItemsSource="{Binding blogStore.blogs}

so that I can switch to favourites, the following does not work, but I would like something in a similar vein.

ItemsSource={Binding blogStore{Binding category, ElementName=blogControl}

and in the controls code behind i would have a dependency property.

maybe a converter could do the trick?

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If you treat BlogStore as a ViewModel then it would expose a couple of other properties.

Category to which you bind what ever control you are using to choose the category to display.

Also a CategoryBlogs property which returns either the value of blogs or favourites depending on the value of Category.

You would be implementing INotifyPropertyChanged so you would ensure that a PropertyChanged event is fired for "CategoryBlogs" when the Category property is changed.

You would be binding ItemsSource just to CategoryBlogs.

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how would I pass a parameter to the ViewModel? can I add a property to blogStore as a ViewModel. – Joseph Le Brech Dec 14 '11 at 9:07
I figured it out by adding a DependencyProperty called Category and a property called relevant which it's getter returned either blog or favourite depending on the dependency properties value. – Joseph Le Brech Dec 14 '11 at 9:23

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