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I have noticed that when I do not have any validation messages indicating that there is a validation error my code is behaving as if there were validation errors.

Here is my jquery click function and inside it I want to make an ajax call if the form is validated:

  $("#otherFavContainer").on("click", ".btnAddSongTilesToGenre", function (e) {
        var name = $('#youTubeNameTxt').val();
        var link = $('#youTubeLinkTxt').val();
        var len = link.length;
        var substr = link.substr(31, len - 31);
        var container = $(this).parent().parent().find(".actualTilesContainer");
        var genreId = $(this).attr("name");

        if ($("#AddTopTenFavForm").valid()) {

                beforeSend: function () { ShowAjaxLoader(); },
                url: "/Home/AddSong",
                type: "POST",
                data: $("#AddTopTenFavForm").serialize(),
                success: function (data) { HideAjaxLoader(), ShowMsg("Song Added Successfully"), $(container).find('ul').append('<li><a class="savedLinks" href="#" name="' + substr + '" >' + name + '</a> <span name= ' + data + ' class="btnDeleteSong dontDoAnything">x</span></li>'); },
                error: function () { HideAjaxLoader(), ShowMsg("Song could not be added, please try again") }


        else {

        if ($("dontDoAnything")) {
            return false;

In the if statement the code always goes to the else part displaying the alert message box. I do not have any validation errors since no validation message appears.

Here is my validation logic:

 namespace yplaylist.Models
public partial class TopTenFav

public class TopTenFav_Validation

[RegularExpression("\\?v=.*", ErrorMessage = "Youtube Link must begin with: ")]
[Required(ErrorMessage = "Youtube link is Required")]
[StringLength(100, ErrorMessage="Song Title cannot exceed 100 characters")]
public string YoutubeLink { get; set; }

[StringLength(100, ErrorMessage = "Youtube link cannot exceed 100 characters")]
[Required(ErrorMessage = "Song title is Required")]
public string Title { get; set; }


I doublecheck that I input data in a correct format into my textboxes and everything seems ok but my form is still not valid for some strange reason, please help. Thanks

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Check the output of $("#AddTopTenFavForm").valid() to see what it returns.

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how do I check the output? – Alan Budzinski Dec 13 '11 at 20:08
alert is the simplest and dirty way to do it. If you are using Firebug plugin for Firefox or Chrome you can open the console and check there. if(window.console) window.console.log($("#AddTopTenFavForm").valid()) – Jason Foglia Dec 13 '11 at 22:49

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