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I have a typical ruby project and I would like to include a submodule within that project. The submodule lives on github. How do I use the git submodule command to include the submodule in my projects vender/plugins directory?


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From git submodule --help we can see:

git submodule [--quiet] add [-b branch] [-f|--force]
              [--reference <repository>] [--] <repository> [<path>]

So, given a repository "my-plugin" at "git@github.com:my-user/my-plugin.git", you would use

git submodule add git@github.com/my-user/my-plugin.git vendor/plugins/my-plugin
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 git submodule add (url of repo) vender/plugins/(submodule name)

Pro Git is a good reference for common git commands

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