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I have a hash that will render my html differently based on a particular variable. The variable is within the hash. So I am wondering how I can pass a hash value to a group by. to sort the rest heres what I am trying, maybe this will explain it better than me wording it.

<% grouped = svcs.group_by { |svc| svc[val[:sorttype]] } %>

val is a multidimensional hash. the first 2 key value pairs sorttype and one other are simple key and value, the 3rd piece (svcs) contains the equivilent of a 2D hash. Which if I manually type the type of sort I want to apply to it for the group by it works ie:

<% grouped = svcs.group_by { |svc| svc[:service_name] } %>

in PHP i know in a similar instance I can pass a variable of some sort to something like this and have it work. I assume such is the case here. However Im not sure how to put the variable in. Cause all the ways Ive tried don't work

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It depends a little.

Rails' has a HashWithIndifferentAccess that will not distinguish between string and symbol keys; if you're using one of those, it should work as-is.

If it's not, it depends what the val entries are--if they're strings, convert to a symbol using to_sym, e.g., svc[val[:sorttype].to_sym].

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thats exactly what i needed. That to_sym bit. Appending that solved it . Thank you yet again. :-D –  chris Dec 13 '11 at 19:20
@chris No problem; that trips people up sometimes. –  Dave Newton Dec 13 '11 at 19:24

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