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Is it possible to use index by with the doctrine 2 query builder, and if so what is the proper syntax?

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Here's one solution when using querybuilder, using manual injection of the index by clause -

(do you querybuilder statement)
$q  = $q->getQuery()->setDQL(str_replace('WHERE', 'INDEX BY yourIndexValue WHERE', $q->getDQL()));

This seems to work for me...

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Beginning with 2.2, you can now include INDEX BY in your from statement. If you are adding a from clause,

$qb->from($class, $alias, $indexBy);

If you already have a from clause that you want to replace, then you can replace it with:

$qb->add('from', new Expr\From($class, $alias, $indexBy), false);

There's an open pull request to add it to the Repository's createQueryBuilder function as well, so hopefully this will get added soon.

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This should be the correct answer. – imclickingmaniac Apr 25 '14 at 9:32
Hey, I'm writing from 2015, and it's not there yet :-( – zerkms Apr 1 at 0:53
It was declined... – cmenning Apr 1 at 14:37

For an update. You can do something like this.

$qb = $entityManager->createQueryBuilder();
$qb->from($repository->getClassName(), 'a', '');

$result = new ArrayCollection($qb->getQuery()->getResult());

As a result, array collection will contain properly indexed elements.

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Yes that's possible, using the query builder. A small example, let's assume we want to index by t.someField. Watch the third argument in from method.

$query = $em->createQueryBuilder()
    ->select('t.somefield', 't.someOtherField')
    ->setFrom('Entity\Table', 't', 't.someField')
$results = $query->getArrayResult();

//your result will look something like:
$results['somefieldvalue'] = array(array('somefield' => 'value', 'someOtherField' => 'test'));

This should work in Doctrine 2.1 at least. In Doctrine 2.0 it's not supported yet. In Doctrine 2.0 it's only supported when you specify it with DQL.

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With Doctrine 2.1.0-DEV, I use $qb->add('from', 'Entity\Table t INDEX BY'); – Maxence Feb 18 '12 at 13:30

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