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I use this pattern for optional filter paramaters in my SQL Stored Procedures

            AND  (
                @OptionalParam IS NULL OR
                    Id = @OptionalParam

However the OR is not a friend of the query optimizer. Is there a more efficient way to do this without using dynamic SQL

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You can try using COALESCE. Not sure if it will be more efficient.

AND Id = Coalesce(@OptionalParam, Id)

This will not work if Id itself is null and you are using ANSI nulls.

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AND ID = ISNULL(@OptionalParam, ID)

or you if you had multiple optional parameters can use

AND ID = COALESCE(@OptionalParam1, @OptionalParam2, ID)

This is definitely faster than using an OR statement.

Like the other answerer mentioned, this will not work if the ID column is null (but then again, the original statement wouldn't either).

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You could try:


I doubt this will optimize much better, but there's no OR in it.

Alternatively, you could break your query apart into two components -- one with just an @OptionalParam IS NULL test and another with an Id = @OptionalParam test, then UNION them together. Depending on your data topology this might yield better results. It could also be significantly worse.

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