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I am having a particular "logic" hickup.

I am trying to accomplish this task from a windows form app.

  1. User adds item to datagridview row

When user clicks "start button" on top of the form, it adds each item from the dg, to a "threadpool" and starts the threads with full monitoring/control ability (much like a torrent client without the downloading..)

Then after this, the scheduled timer will read from a value, to "process" an item at a certain time ie. (so many per day) and then divide it into the time spent... (And so it doesnt relapse incorrectly)... (( I hope im describing it properly without giving away IP ))

My question is, maybe I'm just having programmers "block" but ... how would be the best method to do this from a logic/programming standpoint? Any insights would be helpful, that would defini

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Unless I'm misreading, the bit about this involving a DataGridView seems to be unrelated to the question at hand; if you'are asking how you should write a thread function so that it's able to be suspended/resumed/cancelled from outside the function, then make that part clear and remove the information that isn't related to that problem. –  Adam Robinson Dec 13 '11 at 20:04
Would you happen to know how to write a threaded function properly? ie. Public Function MyProcess(Byval Arg1 as string, byval arg2 as string) ? –  Jason B Dec 13 '11 at 21:35

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