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Can anyone provide a hint why the easing curve in the code below does not have any effect. In fact not even the duration value seems to have an effect.


UIView.Animate(1, 0, UIViewAnimationOptions.CurveEaseIn, delegate
    view.Alpha = 0.0f;

    var newFrame = new RectangleF(UIApplication.SharedApplication.Windows[0].Frame.Right + 10, view.Frame.Top, view.Frame.Width, view.Frame.Height);
    view.Frame = newFrame;


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The problem is that you are calling UIView.BeginAnimations first. You can either use the UIView.BeginAnimations - UIView.CommitAnimations or the UIView.Animate method, not both at the same time.

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UIView.Animate(...) in 4.x+ does not require the BeginAnimations / CommitAnimations block. Just as a sanity check, are you calling UIView.Animate(..) from the main thread?

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