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I have table Proccesses that consist of Date Time Field.

Proccesses ( Id as int , RunDate as DateTime) I need to run Distinct by RunDate as Time Without seconds

For Example

ID        RunDate 
1         2011-12-13 12:36:26.483
2         2011-12-12 12:37:22.421
3         2011-12-11 12:36:44.421

I need to receive in output


In order to retrieve it I using following SQL and it's working

SELECT DISTINCT DATENAME(hour, RunDateTime) + ':' + 
DATENAME(mi, RunDateTime) AS  d
from Proccesses 

The problem that if minutes is less than 10 for example 8 I receiving single digit "8" , and I want to receive two digit 08

For example I receive 12:8 , and I need to receive 12:08

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RIGHT ('00' + CAST(DATENAME(hour, RunDateTime) AS VARCHAR(2)), 2) + ':' +
RIGHT ('00' + CAST(DATENAME(mi, RunDateTime) AS VARCHAR(2)), 2)
from Proccesses 

Alternatively you can use CONVERT and handle the string result accordingly...

EDIT: please upvote the answer from Joe Stefanelli if you end up using the CONVERT option.

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Great idea editing your answer to suggest CONVERT. Wish I had thought of it. Oh wait, I did. ;-) – Joe Stefanelli Dec 13 '11 at 20:57
yes - you did... I just was googling and then pasted it into my answer... although my paste was NOT as thorough as yours since you provided a working sample with CONVERT and I did not. and now I added another EDIT :-) – Yahia Dec 13 '11 at 21:05

CONVERT style 108 will return hh:mm:ss. Using CHAR(5) for the data type will return just the hh:mm portion.

    FROM Processes
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You could strip of the AM/PM if you want to.

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