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I have a Rails route definition that looks something like this:

namespace :admin do
  resources :feeds
  resources :push

rake routes generates the following output for it:

admin_feeds GET  /admin/feeds  {:controller=>"admin/feeds", :action=>"index"}
admin_push_index GET  /admin/push  {:controller=>"admin/push", :action=>"index"}

Why would would the path helper for push get the _index suffix, but not feeds?

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It's all based on the plurality of the resource. So if the resource name is plural, then it has no need to add an _index suffix since it's inferred.

If it is a singular resource name, then it adds the suffix for clarification since admin_push would typically be a show action instead of the index action.

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You can also use

resource :push

instead of

resources :push

to specify a singular resource. See

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