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I'm inserting a form with AJAX and I'm using: $('#form').serialize() to get all the input and send it to insert.php.

The problem is that characters like á become %A9 and such.

How can I prevent this from happening before sending it or how get the correct characters when I retrieve it through $_POST so I can insert them correctly to my database?

EDIT -----

Btw: Same Form with no AJAX, just action="POST" to the SAME insert.php inserts correctly, so the problem is solely with serialize() messing the HTML.

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no, I'm reading about it right now. I don't really know how to apply it, btw I can insert things easily to the database. The only problem seems to be when I use the function .serialize() but I don't really have any other way to insert to the DB unless I stop using AJAX. – lisovaccaro Dec 13 '11 at 21:53
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Jquery serialize() serializes as UTF-8. So á becomes the correct UTF-8 encoding %c3%a1. Try using the $_REQUEST as that is already decoded as per the php documentation. here

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The final step you need to do is to decode in your PHP file like this:


I use to combine utf8_decode() with htmlspecialchars() before sending datas to the database:

$nombres = utf8_decode(htmlspecialchars($_POST['nombres']));

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