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I am using the jQuery TinyMCE control in my .Net Web Forms application.
I primarily use it with AJAX and webservices however in one instance I have to let it post to the server as a part of the form.

For almost all input it works fine with

$('#<%= eText.ClientID %>').tinymce({
    encoding: 'xml'

However the moment I try to save a single quote ' I get the unsafe input error.

What can I do to handle this?

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For those using version 4:

setup: function (editor) {
   editor.on('SaveContent', function (ed) {
      ed.content = ed.content.replace(/&#39/g, "&apos");
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Thank you very much! Confirmed that this works on version 4. – toddb Feb 3 '15 at 19:00
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Oi, just when you give up and ask a SO question you find the answer on google. I'm probably going to need this later so I'm going to leave this here.

Thanks to OP on this blog.

    // ...
    setup: function (ed) {
        ed.onSaveContent.add(function (ed, o) {
            o.content = o.content.replace(/&#39/g, "&apos");
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