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I have a database listing of properties down the page. Each property row has a date selector and a time selector. I need to somehow validate that if one of the dates is selected the time must be selected before the bulk save can happen(or visa versa), if neither are selected it cane be left blank and addressed later.

Any ideas how I can go about validating this using jquery?

The field names are as follows:

DATE - data[Property][777][entry_date]
TIME - data[Property][777][entry_time]

NOTE: 777 is the property ID and changes per record down the screen.


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It would be helpful to see some of your HTML –  Michael Robinson Dec 14 '11 at 8:37
There is the following within the dynamic table. <input name="data[Property][771][entry_date]" empty="1" class="text date_picker" type="text" id="Property771EntryDate"/> AND <select name="data[Property][771][entry_time]" class="shortselect" id="Property771EntryTime"> <option value=""> I need something with jquery that says, if data[Property][771][entry_date] if not empty then data[Property][771][entry_time] must be filled in and visa versa. –  sluggerdog Dec 14 '11 at 20:02

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