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So I've been able to make use of the GPMC library to add GPO's and link them to OU's. However my program needs to be able to attach logon/logoff/etc scripts to the GPO User/Computer configuration. I could go and edit the scripts.ini file and then proceed to edit the gpt.ini file version, but this seems @$$ backwards to be doing it that way. Is there something I'm missing in the GPMC library that I can utilize to do this?


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For those looking at this, and since there has been no reply, I ended up using GPMC's backup/restore feature and modifying the scripts.ini file. –  Jeremy Dec 20 '11 at 21:58

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There doesn't seem to be a direct way, but I was able to use GPMC's backup/restore/import feature to help set up the GPO to the point where I was able to just edit the scripts.ini file.

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