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I'm using Janus MacVim by Carlhuda, and I wonder if there's a way to tweak Command-T to open a file (buffer) only once, instead of into multiple splits of the same buffer.

Eg: Assumming your directory/project has two files: A.txt and B.txt.

1) Cmd T, then select A.txt.
2) Work on A.txt, then Cmd T, split B.txt with Ctrl V. 3) Work on B.txt, then need to switch back to A: Cmd T, A.txt. Currently Command T would either open A buffer to current split, or create a new split of A. What I want is that the previously opened A buffer would be active again (the cursor would jump back to A) instead of a new split A got created.

So essentially if a buffer has already been opened, resume to that split buffer. Is there a tweak or shortcuts for this?

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You probably want :drop or :tab drop instead of the default :tabe for opening files in the Command-T search buffer. This is configurable in your .gvimrc file:

function! CommandTAcceptSelectionTab()
  ruby $command_t.accept_selection :command => 'tab drop'

This one bothered the heck out of me, too!

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There is a 'switchbuf' option but that works only for :sbuffer and few more commands but not for :split, :new and others.

As far as I know it needs some vimscript woodoo, which I used some time ago but do not use anymore and just use :sb with completion.

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