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I was happily building my installer for a suite of tools for release on OS X. Figured out I needed to create a plugin to packagemaker to include a license requirement. I am reviewing the mac supplied example, and I find this gem:

(2) Also be aware that informed end-users can remove your package's Plugins directory and/or change your package's InstallerSections.plist file to remove custom plugins from its flow. So plugins cannot serve as effective gatekeepers to prevent installation.

So that led me to wonder, how secure is a pkg file? Can a user rip open the installer and explore all the individual files that are to be installed? If so, how do I lock this down? If not, how do I prevent users from removing my license requirement plugin from the installation?

Please note, this is a suite of tools and source files/libraries. It's not possible to ask for serial numbers at runtime.

If this is impossible with packagemaker, what other installers are out there that would do this?

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It's pretty trivial to open up a mpkg/pkg file. Take a look at Pacifist. –  Edward Thomson Dec 13 '11 at 22:39
I see. Also found pkgutil on the command line opens it right up. –  forrest Dec 13 '11 at 22:46

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