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I tried Virtaal
I tried Poedit (not xliff but convertable)
And right now I'm stuck at Open Language Tools TransEditor

And I think I'm getting nuts.

With Virtaal I can't create files as it seems ? (or am I to stupid ?)
Also when I open the tutorial .po and try to save that, Virtaal crashes.

With Poedit I can create a new project but on finishing he throws me an error with:

Poedit did not find any files in scanned directories.
Entries in the catalog are probably incorrect.
Updating the catalog failed. Click on 'More>>' for details.

And in Open Language Tools TransEditor I created a new project but I can't create any lines/translations.

So what is that ? Am I to dumb to create xliff files using an xliff editor ? should I google for xliff creater or what ?

Basically I want to have xliff files for a FLOW3 project.
And I'd like to use an editor that supports plural forms.
But right now I'd be glad to have any working xliff editor/creater for OS X Lion.

LOL I tried LocFactory Editor now. When I launch it I get "No document could be crreated." And in the menus I also can't find anything like "new file" or so. wtf ?

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You may want to try OmegaT (http://www.omegat.org/).

It's not just for XLIFF, but it should work reasonably well with XLIFF documents. Make sure the elements have a copy of the text to translate before opening the file in OmegaT. You can also use Rainbow to create an OmegaT project with XLIFF files: it will add the copy of the source text for you.

Hope this helps, -ys

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